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Announcing the contestants for the 2012 Masters of the Macabre Challenge “Curses!”

Announcing the contestants for the 2012 Masters of the Macabre Challenge “Curses!”

The challenge:
Write and record a story based on a famous curse. Obviously, this challenge is not for the faint of heart or the superstitious. Six brave men have taken it on.

The contestants and their curses:

Dan Shaurette
Curse of the Pharoahs

Donald L. Pitsiladis
A voodoo curse

Will McNeice
The Curse of the Hope Diamond

Rish Outfield
The Curse of Macbeth (the “Scottish Play”)

Jeremiah Donaldson
The Curse of the Crying Boy

Philip “Norvaljoe” Carrol
The Curse of Winning the Lottery

The rules:
All curses are assigned by the organizer. If a contestant doesn’t like his curse, he can forfeit it and draw a new one, but he can only do this twice.

Has anyone exercised this privilege so far? Yes! Rish Outfield was originally tasked with writing about A Cursed Story (of the Romani people), but decided after multiple failed attempts at weaving a tale that it was his story that was going to be cursed if he didn’t trade it in! But will the “Scottish Play” afflict him when he records his story?

What’s next?
Despite intensive work with hexed subject matter, no evil has befallen any of the contestants… yet! Let’s hope they all get through this alive. There isn’t much time left for writing and recording. Audio is due on May 11th.

Masters of Macabre Contest!